AO Waiver Portal

Waivers are our way of keeping everyone safe and accounted for. If you've never filled out a waiver (either through this portal or in person) you'll be required to before you can play on any Airsoft Outlaws property or in any of our events, this includes through any affiliates. The easiest way is to go through this portal and sign a waiver digitally using your personal information. If you're a minor, we currently require a physical waiver to be signed (due to legal restrictions and parental requirements). If you're under 18 and have any questions regarding our waiver process, feel free to check out our guidelines page for more information as well as links to download physical copies of our waiver.

Please see the options below for our waiver portal. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email or by visiting our Facebook page.

Standard Users
If you're a standard user, member, or player and need to fill out a waiver please click here to start the process.

AO Game Administrators
If you're a game admin, you still have basic access to the admin portal. Please use the game admin portal to view waivers. Please note, you will need AO Game Admin credentials in order to sign in.

AO Command Administrators
For AO Command admins who would like to administrate waivers and profiles, please use the admin portal. Please note this will require your AO admin credentials.